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We Reach Out in Service

christian service

By Baptism, we are commissioned to assist our neighbor in need. St. John the Evangelist Church partners with local agencies and churches to address various challenges in our community. At times we have parishioners who act as liaisons, but you may contact the agency or church directly if you are able to assist in their mission.  

St. John’s supports this mission by providing a meal for the doctors, staff and volunteers once a year.  The meal is provided on a Thursday night, the one night of the week the clinic is open late. Other organizations in our area also provide meals during the year, so staff and volunteers can focus on patient needs.

The Baby Moses Baskets ministry solicits donations of personal and baby-care items and baby items for distribution to Comfort Care, an organization that provides physical, emotional and spiritual support in the event of unplanned pregnancies. The organization has local offices in Waynesboro, Staunton and Lexington. Different items are requested each month and donations are to be placed in special baskets inside the church.

The most critically needed supplies are Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water, Ginger Ale Cans, Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, and Baby Lotion.

Coordinator: Lois Castle

funeral reception

Bereavement Hospitality

At the time of a death in our parish, the family of the deceased is offered a reception after the funeral service. The meals are prepared and served by members of the committee. Those willing to assist with this ministry are called upon to prepare a dish to contribute for the occasion. Volunteers welcome.

Coordinator: Marilyn Keegan

assisted living

Cardinal House

Cardinal House is a facility that provides Independent living options, residential support, continuing care and assisted living services. Participants in this ministry provide a weekly Communion service through the Community Life Eucharistic Program, as well as a Christmas celebration and other activities for residents of this assisted living community.

Contact: Bruce Fenton

clothes closet

Clothes Closet

Parishioners donate clothing of all types which is distributed without cost to those in need. The Clothes Closet is open Thursday mornings and evenings. Volunteers are needed to set up tables and help sort and display the articles of clothing. Excess clothing is packed and given to the Equipping the Saints Organization.

Contact: Lois Castle, Madeline Kerstetter

CROP walk

C.R.O.P. Hunger Walk

The C.R.O.P. (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walk, held in the early fall, is an ecumenical endeavor to provide funds to combat world hunger through Church World Services (CWS). Annually, approximately 200 walkers representing 20 different area churches walk the 3.5 miles through Waynesboro in solidarity with those who walk many miles for water, to gather food, or escape war or natural disaster. Twenty-five percent of the funds collected stay in the local area and are distributed to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Disciples Kitchen, the Salvation Army, and the Senior Center, all of which provide vital assistance to hungry people in our community. The remainder goes to CWS to meet disaster relief and recovery needs, facilitate social and economic development, provide assistance to refugees, and address poverty and powerlessness through education and advocacy.

The Waynesboro--East Augusta CROP Hunger Walk will take place on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 2:00 PM beginning at Ridgeview Park in Waynesboro.

This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of CROP Walk nationally & our 44th year of walking in this community! 

We need your help! You can help by walking, accepting donations, donating, becoming a business sponsor or partner, praying for our walkers, and praying for those most in need. 

Contact: Mary Katharine Froehlich (540) 932-9175 ([email protected])

disciples kitchen

Disciples Kitchen

Disciple’s Kitchen is a non-denominational ministry of area churches which provides breakfast and lunches to the needy. Breakfasts are served at the Basic United Methodist Church and Lunches are served at 2nd Presbyterian Church. Volunteers procure, prepare and deliver food; set up, serve and clean up after the meals. Our Church is responsible for these activities on a scheduled basis several times a year. More volunteers are needed to participate in this ministry.

Contact: Bonnie Farran, Lois Castle

food pantry

Food Pantry

Stocked with parishioner donations, approximately two weeks worth of food is provided, in addition to perishable food items purchased for individuals or families, when the need arises. The food donation baskets are located in the back of the church to the right of the entryway.  Volunteers distribute food on Fridays each month.

Coordinator: Ardin Goss, Donna & Mike Hamp


This is the list of food we give out each week. Please keep this list handy as the need is constant.
Anything you can contribute would be appreciated.

Foods (boxes or cans):

  • Fruits/Vegetable
    • Green beans
    • Sweet Peas
    • Whole kernel corn
    • Mixed Vegetables
    • Any other canned vegetable
    • Fruit Cocktail
    • Sliced Peaches
    • Any other canned fruit
  • Soups
    • Canned Tuna Fish
    • Tomato Soup
    • Cream of Mushroom soup
    • Cream of Celery soup
    • Any other soups
  • Fish and meat
    • Canned pork and beans
    • Canned tuna fish
    • Canned chicken
  • Other Foods
    • Spaghetti Sauce
    • Peanut Butter
    • Jelly – grape or other
    • Boxed mac and cheese
    • Canned or bottled juices

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Sugar
  • Flout
  • Mixes (cake, etc)
  • Bar Soap
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dish Detergent
  • Kleenex
  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels

Food items for Hispanic patrons:

  • Mesca Meal
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Dried Beans
  • Rice


GriefShare: Grief Support Group

A Christ-centered, scripture focused, non-denominational support group open to adults of all faiths and beliefs. GriefShare includes 13 weekly video seminars featuring some of the nation's foremost experts on grief recovery topics. Each video is followed by a small group discussion, personal workbook, guided reflections, and opportunities for encouragement and support as participants walk the journey of grief with others who have lost a loved one.

Contact the Parish Office to inquire about the next 13-week series. Cost of workbook is $20 payable at the door. Scholarships available. Please do not let the cost prevent you from joining us. You may sign up anytime during the 13 weeks. 

If you participated in a previous seminar, you are welcome and encouraged to return. As you heal, you will become aware of new information to help you heal.

For more information, call Kathy Kennedy (270) 348-6819 or Jerry Babral (540) 241-5550.

Click HERE to see a brief video about GriefShare.

Coordinators: Jerry Babral, Kathy Kennedy, or [email protected]


homebound meals

Homebound Meals

The Homebound Meals program (Meals on Wheels) is sponsored by the Valley Program for Aging Services. Meals are delivered Monday through Friday to seniors/shut-ins by various churches in the community. St. John delivers three routes in October and two routes in April. We have approximately 25 parishioners who participate in this worthy cause each October and April and we are always looking for more volunteers to help in this program.

Contact: Ann Peltier

human concerns

Human Concerns Committee

This committee provides a wide-reaching range of services to the parish and the outside community that focus on the human needs of the disabled, the deprived, the neglected, the abused and the depressed.

The following are activities that fall under the umbrella of this ministry:  Financial Assistance  to community organizations,  Food Pantry,  Utility and Rent Support, Meals on Wheels, Operation Christmas Child, Clothes Closet, Rosary Repair, Rosary Makers, School Pantry, CROP Walk, Cardinal House,  Shoes for Kenyan Women,  Cardinal House, Augusta Free Clinic Annual Dinner  and Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Giving Tree Projects. Details of these programs are highlighted separately.

The committee reaches out to the community to keep abreast of legislative activities and social changes that may have an effect on the ministries activities and services. Parishioners serve on the Board of Directors of the New Directions Center, which provides temporary housing for physically and emotionally abused women and children.

This ministry requires a large number of volunteers with expertise in multiple dimensions.

prison ministry

Prison Ministry

The prison ministry provides a pastoral presence and spiritual guidance to inmates at area correctional facilities. This ministry is conducted in conjunction with St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Staunton. Volunteers provide Communion services, lead hymns, and conduct reflection on readings from sacred scripture.

Volunteers from St. John also welcome undocumented, unaccompanied teenagers, in the name of the Catholic Church. We arrange to have Confessions heard in Spanish, for those eligible, and subsequently bring them Communion, and accompaniment every week.

Contact: Rosie Haverkamp, Peggy Bischof ([email protected]), Jim Donnelly

rent utility assistance

Rent & Utility Assistance

Based upon calls from the Salvation Army, checks are written for utilities, rent, etc. and distributed to needy individuals on a weekly basis. The recipients come to the Parish Office to pick up the checks. Checks may distributed to other individuals on a special basis upon proper approval. Documentation of need may be required.

Call the Parish Office

respect life

Respect Life Committee

We partner with the Office of Justice and Peace, Respect Life Program (June 2013). The committee is committed to building and sustaining a culture of life and upholding our Christian conviction that all human life is sacred and inviolable – God’s own gratuitous gift, freely bestowed on us from the moment of conception until natural death. We will educate the community of the importance of life through a three-pronged approach on youth and adult education, dedicated prayer and meaningful action.The committee is dedicated to alleviating any circumstances that compromise human dignity. We believe that no person has the right to destroy God’s gift of life. As disciples of Jesus, we will follow his example of love and compassion. We will safeguard God’s creation.

Contact: Lucy Pardee

rosary makers

Rosary Makers

A group of ladies of the parish (although open to everyone) meets on the 2nd Monday of every month to make rosaries, which are sent to foreign missions, hospitals, and the military. The couple of hours every other month is a fun way to meet with fellow parishioners and share the fun of making rosaries. Come as often as you like.

Coordinator: Judy Charles

rosary rescue

Rosary Rescue

This ministry repairs rosaries that have been broken or have missing parts. The rosaries to be repaired are to be placed in a silver box at the main entrance to the church along with the name and phone number attached. The repaired rosaries will be returned to the parishioner or given to the Knights of Columbus if no return is requested so that the rosary can be given to someone needing a rosary.

Coordinator: Judy Charles

shoes recycling

Shoes for Kenyan Women

This ministry collects shoes that will be given to local Well of Hope representatives. The shoes will be distributed to Kenyan (Africa) women who will sell them to help provide for their families. The shoes are to be placed at a designated location in the church and will be picked up by a local representative.

Contact: Lois Castle



WARM provides Christ-centered emergency and temporary shelter to homeless adults and women with children who lack the resources to maintain stable housing in the local area. Its current services include a Thermal/Rotating Shelter during the winter for the homeless (no children) and Transitional Housing for women and children. Ultimately there will be expansion into more permanent residency and ultimately ownership.

Our church participates in the Thermal/Rotating Shelter program by providing overnight housing and food to the homeless for one-week during the winter season. Volunteers are needed to set up the sleeping feeding arrangements, provide and serve meals, clean up, register attendees and stay in the shelter overnight.

Contact: Thea Jordan