A Roman Catholic presence in the Shenandoah Valley since 1932

I'm New / Visiting


Did you recently move to the Shenandoah Valley? Are you just visiting?

Are you looking for a church family to call home?

Are you interested in learning more about the Roman Catholic Church?

Whatever the case, we extend a heartfelt welcome to St. John. This Google map shows where we are relative to our surrounding neighborhood. You can find the map here.

If you are unfamiliar with how we worship in the Catholic Church, we invite you to look at or download and review the following leaflet: Worship Aid for Sunday Mass Worship Aid for Sunday Mass. It is print-ready on 8.5x11 paper, double sided. Feel free to bring it to church. Or if you are unable to print it, you can ask an usher for a copy when you arrive. We are currently updating the leaflet. The previous edition will be available until our update is complete.

A couple of important points to remember (also printed in the above leaflet):

  1. If you have to leave to use the restroom or for any other reason, please be mindful of the rest of the assembly at prayer. Movement should be minimized particularly during the readings and the Eucharistic Prayer. We ask that if children under 12 years of age need to use the restroom, an adult should accompany them.
  2. At the 8:30AM Sunday Mass, children 4 years and older who have not yet received First Communion may be invited forward for dismissal to listen to Sacred Scripture at their level of understanding. Adult and teen catechists will lead the lesson downstairs in the O’Brien Family Room. Parents or older siblings are welcome to accompany the children. They will return to the church to join their families at the start of the Liturgy of the Eucharist.
  3. The discipline of the Roman Catholic Church does not permit us to invite everyone to the Table as yet. If you are Catholic and are disposed to receive Eucharist, you may come forward. Communion is taken directly on the tongue, or received in the palm of your hand. You will need to open your mouth and stick your tongue out to avoid getting the Communion Minister’s fingers wet. Or receive in your hand and place it in your mouth.
  4. Due to the limitations of our church space, we ask that you please receive Communion standing up, not kneeling. A reverent bow will suffice while the person ahead of you receives. 
  5. If you are receiving from the Cup, hold it with both hands. Take a small sip, and return the Cup to the Communion Minister. If you do not wish to take from the Cup, you may walk past the Communion Minister on your way back to your seat.
  6. If you are not Catholic or are not at this time disposed to receive Communion, you may approach the Table with your arms folded across your chest. The Communion Minister will give you a blessing.
  7. And finally, thank you for worshipping with us. We hope you can join us again. Visit our website and let us know how we can assist you better in the future.