A Roman Catholic presence in the Shenandoah Valley since 1932

I've Been Away ... Where Do I Begin?


When one of our spacecrafts re-enters earth's atmosphere after spending some time in orbit, it is often a fiery affair. You are considering a return to some form of active participation in the life of the church community. We hope to ease your transition ... when you're ready. Like all of life, every train is moving. Getting off one and jumping on another is not for the faint of heart. But take your time and go at it at your own pace. You do not arrive at this moment alone. We believe God has walked with you all along, sometimes even if you weren't aware of it. God has been calling you all along, even if you don't think you're responding to his summons.

But you're here. Have a seat and take a look around. Don't be in any hurry to move on just yet. Sometimes, getting adjusted takes longer than you imagine. And all that before any work can even get started.

welcome mat

When you're ready to venture forward, meet some of our people. Look up activities in the parish bulletin that you find interesting. Listen for announcements that might present opportunities for getting involved. Click on links to pages under the tab "We Are St. John," and explore liturgical ministries, community life ministries, service outreach and social ministries. Or come meet with the Pastor if you fear something still prevents you from getting actively involved in the parish. We believe we can always find a way to a more fulfilling and active Christian discipleship.