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Building Marketing

Hello Everyone!  My name is Jim Boland.  My wife, Jean Anne, and I have been members of St. John’s since 2004. I have been involved in our building program development, since my beginning involvement with the Vineyard 9to the present time. 

My main focus has been the marketing and sale of the current church property. Some folks have inquired if our current church is for sale. Yes! The property has been on the market since 2015. The Building Committee, with the agreement of Fr. Rolo and the Parish Finance Council, made the decision to take an understated (e.g. no signage, etc.) approach to marketing the property. We relied on our agents’ national marketing network, personal contacts and word of mouth advertising among the area church and business communities. That approach was moderately successful, as measured by market exposure and the number of property showings we have conducted.  None of that activity, however, has yielded a contract to purchase the property, but the publicity has served us well.

Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners and people of faith outside of our parish, the sale of our current property was not a part of the budget for Phase I of the Building Program. The sale is, however, a part of the planned budget for Phase II.  We are fortunate in that regard, since the current market for a traditional church building and campus like St. John’s is limited.  The religious real estate market in this area has been dominated by repurposed commercial buildings.  We will be implementing some changes in our approach to marketing the church to adjust to this environment, making us more visible and competitive in the local market. Fortunately, time is on our side.

At the request of the Diocese, we have removed the “Office” from the composite listing and will be offering that for sale as a separate, residential zoned property.

Please keep us in your prayers for continued success in all phases of our building project.

Thank you.


Jim Boland / Building Committee Marketing