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Building Chairman's Update

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October 1, 2019

Dear fellow parishioners,

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our new church. It is hard to believe that we are over half-way through our construction period. This summer the outside walls have slowly wrapped around the transepts and are nearing completion on that portion of the building. Stone has been applied to the rear wall and is also beginning to wrap around both transepts. Inside the church, metal framing behind the sanctuary and in the transepts is almost complete. Windows, both upper and lower, are taking on their true shape and size as they are prepared for the stonemasons.

Over the next three months a great deal of work will be accomplished, much of it will not be visible from any angle. First, the remaining portions of the outside walls will be completed, to include closing in the front wall. Then the bell tower will be erected along with completion of the chapel walls. Once the walls are completed work on the roof will be accomplished. Both the main church and the chapel roofs will be finished before December. At this point the only work that will be visible will be the stone work that will continue throughout the winter. On the inside, which will not be visible from the street, metal framing will be completed, HVAC units will be installed, electrical boxes and wiring will be completed and drywall will start to be hung.

I fully expect that our ongoing construction will be completed in time for our parish to begin holding services in the new church by next Pentecost. I wish to remind everyone that finishing the current construction work will mean Phase I of our project is over. Phase II will include permanent administrative offices, classrooms, a social hall with a fully functioning kitchen, a music room and other space for the numerous ministries that now occupy our existing buildings. The final portion of Phase II will be to tear down the temporary walls in the transepts of the new church and transform that space previously used for offices into additional worship space. Completing the last part of Phase II will expand our seating capacity from 600 (Phase I) to 900 seats. Phase II fundraising should start soon after the Phase I fundraising campaign is closed out. Starting Phase II construction is completely dependent on successfully raising the necessary funds to build.

I know that there must be many questions that everyone has regarding the existing construction work as well as future work. Your Building Committee is working hard to set up a variety of venues to allow for everyone’s questions to be answered. A question box has been put at the back of church for everyone’s convenience, or you can send me your questions through the parish office or by way of the Building Committee email. I promise to contact you as expeditiously as possible, and I welcome any feedback you would like to give. More opportunities for getting information on our project are under development. The Building Committee’s goal is to be fully open and transparent about our project.

We ask that you please continue to pray for the success of our building project. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance and your support we look forward to holding our first service no later than Pentecost 2020.



Phillip Thorpe

Chair, St. John the Evangelist Church Building Committee

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