A Roman Catholic presence in the Shenandoah Valley since 1932

From Mass to Mission

From Mass to Mission

From Mass to Mission 001

Faith Formation Session 2

“The journey begins when Christians leave their homes and beds. They leave, indeed, their life in this present and concrete world, and whether they have to drive 15 miles or walk a few blocks, a sacramental act is already taking place, an act which is the very condition of everything else that is to happen. For they are now on their way to constitute the Church, or to be more exact, to be transformed into the Church of God.” (For the Life of the World, Schmemann) 

Chapter 2: Introductory Rites (week of October 21 to 28)

  • Gathering is an important liturgical act and is part of Mass

  • Singing, movement, and gestures in a sacred space are acts of worship

  • The Introductory Rites (Entrance Procession and Song, Sign of the Cross and Greeting, The Penitential Act, The Kyrie, The Gloria, The Collect) help transform us into the People of God, the Church.

Children Session Two Video: We Get Ready for Mass

link: children

Teen Session Two Video: The Introductory Rites

link: teens

Adult Session Two Video: The Introductory Rites

link: adult 

Questions to Ponder:                                  

  • What struck you?

  • Was there anything new to you?

  • Did anything inspire you?