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Our Church Building Project

Our Church Building Project

building project

From our Building Committee ...

My fellow parishioners,

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for your continued prayers and support for the Building Committee. I personally wish to thank you for your patience and perseverance, as we have all awaited the arrival of our new bishop. Now that Bishop Knestout has been installed, the Building Committee is taking steps to fast track our project to construction. We are proceeding very cautiously for now since we do not know what changes the Bishop will make to the processes and procedures we have been required to follow to date.

I am very happy to announce that, just prior to Christmas, the City of Waynesboro approved our site development plan. The Building Committee is currently seeking bids from several site development contractors to prepare our land for construction as soon as the weather will permit, perhaps by early March.

The Building Committee has decided to modify our construction project delivery method from design-build (D/B) to design-bid-build (D/B/B). This change will afford us more flexibility over our construction project, enabling us to begin construction sooner, and result in significant savings to our budget. While waiting for the installation of our new bishop, the Building Committee conducted careful research by gathering data from our local construction community regarding construction costs and time requirements. We believe that once our project receives final approval from the Bishop, construction on our new church could start sometime in early spring and save us potentially $300,000. We continue to retain our architect and other vendors who will be providing pews, interior design, liturgical furnishings, sound system, and lighting.

Currently our architect is making final refinements to our construction documents to submit to the Diocese for the Bishop’s approval. Now more than ever your prayers are greatly needed to ensure our project successfully gets through the next couple of months. With your continued support and the blessings of the Holy Spirit we are looking to have our new church built and dedicated by Pentecost 2019.

There are several other items your Building Committee continues working on. At the appropriate time the pipe organ will be transported to the factory of our pipe organ contractor for renovation and then returned for installation. A stain-glass window design program which has been under way is nearing completion and will soon be presented to the parish. The Building Committee has been hard at work taking inventory and documenting in digital format all of the sacred items, statuary, and patrimony our parish has accumulated over our long history. When ready, this information will be released to the parish for additional input so each item can be recorded as to whether it was donated (patrimony) or purchased, and proper disposition can be decided.

I welcome any feedback you would like to give me. I promise to contact you as expeditiously as possible so that you have the opportunity to express your concerns and ask additional questions. I also welcome your continued prayers and support.



Phillip Thorpe

Chair, St. John the Evangelist Church Building Committee

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