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Our Church Building Project

Our Church Building Project

building project

Our Parish has outgrown our current facility. As we progress in our building project, we will post new information. Below is the latest update from the Building Committee:

My fellow Parishioners,

Thank you for your prayers and continued support for the Building Committee. It’s hard to believe that your Building Committee has been working on our new church project for a little over a year. In that time we have accomplished much. We have held a parish workshop and many town hall meetings to get parish input on what is desired within our new church. We have developed a conceptual design of what our future church might look like. We found and completed the purchase of land. We have completed a most successful capital campaign to fund our future project. At each step of this process we have received constant Diocesan support and approval to continue planning and designing of our new church.

Now that the capital campaign is completed, we now know the maximum amount of money we have to spend on the building and furnishing of our new church. Adding the future sale of our parish office to the long term loan we will receive from the Diocese and the amount we have raised in our capital campaign, means we will have a maximum amount of approximately $4.8 million to spend on Phase I of our construction project. The Building Committee is committed to ensuring that the final design of our new church will be affordable within our parish’s financial means.

This is one of the important reasons the Building Committee decided to change architects. In making this change we haven’t just hired a new architect but a complete design and construction team. Our new team consists of Evans Construction, a general contracting firm, and Harrison Design, an architecture firm. Evans Construction, located in the Richmond area, is a member of the National Association of Church Design Builders and has a vast experience in building churches through a Design/Build approach. Harrison Design is a prestigious architecture firm located in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated to creating luxury custom residences and special commercial projects. Their architect assigned to our project is Mr. Nicolas Charbonneau who received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and has been instrumentally involved in the design of large scale religious and institutional projects. The design/build approach that this team brings will ensure we end up with a detailed design for our new church that we are certain we can afford. This approach saves us money by shifting approximately $214,000 out of design fees and into the construction of Phase I and will shorten the planning and approval timeframe we would have needed to start construction.

The previous conceptual design the Building Committee presented to the parish was styled in an expanded cruciform configuration. Our new design, which we will present to the parish in a town hall meeting sometime in October, will be styled in a more traditional cruciform configuration. Developing a traditional style church gives us many opportunities and advantages at an affordable cost that the previous concept would not have allowed.

I welcome any feedback you would like to give me. You can send me your contact information either in an email addressed to build@stjohnevan.com or drop off your contact information in the parish office. I promise to contact you as expeditiously as possible so you have the opportunity to express your concerns and ask additional questions. I also welcome your continued prayers and support.


Phil Thorpe

Phillip Thorpe Chair, St. John the Evangelist Church Building Committee 6 September 2016

3D church building


Artist's Concept of Chapel Interior

front view

right side view

rear view

left side view